Economic Upliftment

AIMJF running various Schemes for Economic upliftment of the community . The purpose to assist Jamat to start Interest Free Loan Scheme (Micro Finance) for the benefit of deserving people of their Jamat to start business at small scale level under Economic Development Programme.

Requirements :

  1. This scheme is open for old and new credit societies.
  2. AIMJF will disburse Rs.1 Lac and Jamat has to contribute Rs.1 Lac @ 1:1 ratio.
  3. After successful completion of 1 year AIMJF will grant additional Rs.1 Lac (if needed) and Jamat has to contribute equal amount to expand the scheme, if required.
  4. Jamat has to grant interest free loan to the extent of Rs.15,000/- (max) to their deserving people for business @ 12 months interest free refundable loan installments.
  5. Guarantee of 2 persons should be obtained.
  6. Bad Debts should not exceed 4%
  7. Jamat has to run and managed the said scheme and open separate bank account for the same.

Form Submission : Duly completed form to be submitted through Dy Vice President of AIMJF


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