Our Vision

  • AIMJF is a Non-Government social organization having member Jamats all across India and are engaged in providing Housing, Medical, Rehabilitation, Economic Upliftment Scheme, and Women Empowerment Programmes to the under privileged alongwith services of Matrimonial Wing & Govt Scheme Guidance Wing. The organization has been actively participating in the forefront for providing relief in case of disasters as well.

  • The total population of Memons in India is approximately 15,00,000 people spread across 12 regions and around 482 Jamats. A majority of this population is still living below the poverty line and has to struggle to meet with the basic necessities in life. There are various problems like Housing, Low Economic Status, Unemployment, Low level of Education, Sanitation and Unhealthy Environment, Shortage of Medical Assistance, Atrocities against Women, Matrimonial imbalance, and various other such problems.

  • The AIMJF is actively involved through its Jamat Members in combating alleviating below mentioned problems.
  1. Housing Aid Scheme for Individual Cases (New and Repairs to existing structure)
  2. Medical Aid Scheme for Minor / Major operations
  3. Economic Upliftment Scheme (Interest Free Loan Scheme at Jamat Level)
  4. Organizing ‘AIMJF CUP’ a Cricket Tournament at National level
  5. Establishment of ‘Women Empowerment Programme’ (Honahar Beti Course) centre’s to uplift the women of our community
  6. Distribution of Sewing Machines to deserving women and thus making them self-dependent
  7. Monthly financial assistance to Widows / Destitute for Groceries
  8. To help the community in Calamities, natural or manmade and thus to provide them relief in best possible way.
  9. Reserved quota seats of BDS, B.PTH, BUMS, B.Pharm, D.Pharm, MBA and BHM (Hotel Management) at Mumbai, Pune and Akkalkuva (Maharashtra) to students of community on merit basis under Reserved Quota Seats of Rangoonwala Foundation, Allana Foundation and World Memon Foundation.
  10. To construct Housing Colonies in Urban and Rural areas so as to solve the Housing problem of poor and deserving families of our community.
  11. To construct Community Halls so as to carry out Coaching Classes, Computer Classes and Home Science courses for ladies such as Cooking Classes, Mehandi Classes, Tailoring Classes, Embroidery Classes etc. in order to uplift the female generation so that they can earn and support their respective family.
  12. To solve amicable the local problems if any with the help of local Jamat.
  13. To conduct Education Seminars on various subjects.
  14. In establish, manage and run Schools, Colleges and Technical Institutions with the help of Social Organisations.
  15. To promote Economic Upliftment Program.
  16. To run Matrimonial Wing & Govt Scheme Guidance Wing and thus serve / help the community.
  17. To establish Co. Operative Store, Credit Society or Banks.
  18. To establish, run and manage Dispensaries and Hospitals.
  19. In order to spread the activities of Federation, to publish Newsletter or to provide subsidy to such Newsletter.
  20. To take steps in order to proper utilization of Zakat Fund.
  21. To create Baitul Mal Fund if required.

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